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Emma has over 20 years' experience practising in her field, working with private clients and groups alike. Her integrative therapy has helped countless people overcome many obstacles and life challenges. Emma has a proven track record in the provision of fast and effective treatment for a whole range of mental health and relationship issues. 


Dusted Media

Emma has worked with many of our contributors and is always on hand for aftercare.

Appy App

Genuine, amazing and just a beacon of hope for many of our clients.

This Morning Show ITV

Always wants to go the extra mile with all of our phone-in viewers who need aftercare.


From the moment I stepped into Emma's clinic I felt I had already started my journey of getting better. She has given me hope.


I have been having therapy for years and I am so glad I found Emma. She has helped me in ways I cannot describe.

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Emma’s passion and desire to help people of all ages and backgrounds manifests itself in her therapy and remains her driving force.  

Emma is a psychological therapist, who runs private sessions from her therapy clinic. Please visit for more information and pricing.

If you are a media company or TV network then please use the contact form to enquire about therapy for talent, contributors and TV psychological assessments re OFCOM guidelines adherence.

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